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What are Architectural Technician Jobs?

The primary focus of most Architectural Technicians is to create guidelines for the way in which a building is constructed, rather than come up with the design itself. This means working closely with Surveyors, Engineers and Architects to ensure both the design and building calculations are combined into an effective project plan.

At HAUS, we regularly find Architectural Technician jobs with some of London’s best architecture practices. And since our recruiters all come from a design background, having worked in a various practices in London before moving into recruitment, we know the industry and can offer honest, credible advice on your next career move. Have a look below at the best Architectural Technician Jobs.

When creating a blueprint, Architectural technician jobs often require additional information to cover some of the technical aspects of the design such as mechanical elements, materials, dimensions and weights. Meanwhile, Engineers will usually have these technical aspects covered but may need added support with structural elements and architectural formatting. You could say that Architectural Technicians bridge the gap between these two disciplines.

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Duties of an Architectural technician jobs

As an Architectural Technician you will work regularly with Engineers, Architects, and members of the construction team such as Contractors and Surveyors. Architectural Technicians are required to develop complex technical plans for projects and it’s essential that Technicians have a thorough understanding of all the processes going into the construction of a scheme. From time to time, it may be necessary for Technicians to make revisions to the plans in order to accommodate essential mechanical changes and client revisions.

Skills and Competencies of Architectural Technician Jobs

Architectural Technicians should be masters of design software such as AutoCAD. First-class communication, strong mathematics skills and a comprehensive understanding of the entire construction process are prerequisites.

How much do Architectural Technician Jobs get paid in the UK?

According to our Salary Guide, Architectural Technicians with between one and five years experience can expect to earn between £22,000 and £35,000 per year. A Senior Technician with six to ten years experience can between £34,000 and £50,000 per year. The HAUS salary guide for architects is designed to help ensure candidates are getting the right wage, and provides a handy overview of the average salaries for architectural professionals in the UK.

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