Getting Maximum Value from your Recruitment Consultant

Getting Maximum Value from your Recruitment Consultant

As London’s construction sites begin plans to resume work, the Architecture and Interior Design sectors are suddenly facing an intensely busy period where we will all be on our toes. During this period of catch-up, many new workers, temporary or full time, will be required to initially work remotely, something many of us are now doing for the first time. It is key now, more than ever, that practices use their recruitment consultants as efficiently as possible to ensure the best candidates can be found, despite changes in the way we interview and assess. The following is a brief guide on how best to use your recruitment consultant to make the next few months as headache free as possible.

1. Know your consultant

Be sure they know you. Generally we will try to visit all of the practices we work for and will conduct thorough research into the interior and architecture practices we represent. As visiting is currently difficult, we will but aside additional time to research your studio and the people who make it. Be sure your consultant is clear on who you are and what your brand is. Familiarity with you company ethos, team and product will allow us to find you the right person for the job quickly and efficiently.

2. Be picky with who you give your business to

Often, when the budget has been approved for an agency, the temptation is to email out a generic brief to several recruitment agencies at once, in a misguided belief that you will get more/ better candidates. This could not be further from the truth. This will usually result in complete inundation as hundreds of CV’s flood your inbox, many missing the mark. Candidates are often sent by multiple agencies’ rushing to get in ahead of the competition. The general standard of candidates will be lower if you are using agencies that you have no relationship with, who may not fully understand your company. Stick to one or two recommended consultants with a proven track record who you know will deliver the goods and make your job easier.

3. Engage

The more interaction you have with your consultant, the more they will learn about you and what you are looking for. Often recruitment seems like a pesky chore at the bottom of a pile. By keeping in touch with your agent over the phone and via email throughout the process, the entire exercise will generally take less time and you will find the candidates coming through are a much tighter fit.

4. Specify.

Be specific with your brief. There will be a few generic boxes that need to be ticked – 3 years of revit, ARB registered etc. But expand your brief as much as possible. We know what sort of an architect you want, but what kind of person are you looking for? Have things in the studio been a little quiet on the social front – could you use a fun, team player? Perhaps the calm, nurturing teammate has recently moved on and you’d like someone to fill that space. Let us know! So often our job is simply matchmaking in a bid to create happy, productive studios and practices.

5. Keep in touch

So you’ve put in the work. You’ve built a relationship with a consultant who understands your business, brand and people and has successfully found you your next employee. This may sound obvious, but when you come to look for another newbie again, get in touch with this consultant. The groundwork has been laid; the hard work has been done. We know who you like and what you need. This will save you potentially months of searching and starting all over again with a new agency. It is also worthwhile keeping in touch with us and letting us know how you are doing between searches. This will allow us to understand the trajectory that your practice is on, how you are evolving and changing, and how your needs may be changing as a result.

We hope this Getting Maximum Value from your Recruitment Consultant guide has proved useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.