BIM Lead at an AJ100 Practice

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An exceptional opportunity for a BIM Lead at an AJ100 practice. This role calls for someone with an architectural background, exceptional people skills, and a profound understanding of BIM processes.

BIM Lead at an AJ100 Practice


Salary Guide: £60,000 – £70,000


Are you ready to take the lead in shaping the future of BIM in a dynamic architectural environment? HAUS Careers is thrilled to present an exceptional opportunity for a BIM Lead at an AJ100 practice. This role calls for someone with an architectural background, exceptional people skills, and a profound understanding of BIM processes.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Present BIM Capabilities to Clients (Proactive): Showcase the prowess of BIM to clients and stakeholders, demonstrating the innovative solutions that our practice offers.
  • Persuade Upward and Downward to Adopt an Advanced Vision: Drive the adoption of an advanced BIM vision both within the practice and with external partners.
  • Maintain a Strategic Ongoing Relationship with the BIM and Software Industries: Stay at the forefront of BIM technology by fostering relationships with industry leaders.
  • Drive Standards, Processes & Procedures: Lead the development and implementation of BIM standards, processes, and procedures within the practice.
  • R&D Innovative Solutions: Keep the practice on the cutting edge of technology by researching and developing innovative BIM solutions.
  • Propose Pilot Initiatives and Manage Technically and Financially: Take the lead in proposing and managing pilot initiatives that push the boundaries of BIM capabilities.
  • Integration of BIM and Design Teams: Foster seamless collaboration between BIM and design teams, ensuring effective communication and workflow.
  • Take the Lead in Educating Business Development and Organisation: Educate and guide the business development team and the wider organization on the benefits and capabilities of BIM.
  • Build a BIM Marketing Strategy: Collaborate with the Comms team to build a comprehensive BIM marketing strategy, ensuring alignment with the overall communication plan.


  • Promote the Expertise and Benefits of BIM: Showcase the expertise and benefits of BIM offered by the practice to clients and a broader audience.
  • Produce Practice BIM/Revit Protocols/BEPs/EIR Checklists: Develop comprehensive BIM protocols, BEPs, and EIR checklists in line with the practice ethos and current standards.
  • Develop Revit Templates and Oversee Creation of Families: Play a key role in developing Revit templates and overseeing the creation of families, ensuring they align with practice standards.


  • Review Appointments/RFPs/EIRs: Review project appointments, RFPs, and EIRs to ensure the agreed-upon role is appropriate and deliverable.
  • Client Expectations Management: Manage client expectations at the beginning of a project, ensuring clarity and satisfaction with the outcome.
  • Interface with BIM Coordinators and IT Helpdesk: Ensure smooth software operation by coordinating with BIM Coordinators and the IT Helpdesk.
  • Guide BIM Coordinators: Provide guidance to BIM Coordinators, making early decisions on model distribution and collaboration requirements.
  • Coordinate Set Up of Collaboration Platforms: Oversee the setup of collaboration platforms, including web portals, permissions, and data responsibility.


  • Manage Current BIM Resources: Utilize existing BIM resources for effective knowledge transfer through informal and formal assessments, reviews, and development sessions.
  • Assess and Develop Staff: Assess and develop staff at various positions, establishing training materials and conducting software training with BIM applications.
  • Establish Revit Tests: Set up Revit tests for the interview process and internal review, utilizing tools like Knowledgesmart and PowerBI.

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