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At HAUS, we regularly secure Talented Architectural Model Makers roles at London’s best Architecture practices and Architectural Model Maker jobs. Since our recruiters all come from a design background, having worked in various practices before moving into recruitment, we know the industry and can offer honest, credible advice on your next career move.

Our job board below displays our list of current Architectural Model Maker jobs in London. Before applying, it may help to take a look at our guide to building an Architectural CV for top tips from our expert recruiters to ensure you’re showcasing your talent in the best way.

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What is an Architectural Model Maker?

Architectural Model Makers play a vital role in the design process, helping Architects and bring their concepts and designs to life in the form of 3D models. Often working from blueprints or sketches, Model Makers help Architects communicate particular aspects a project’s design such as layout or how a building sits within its context. Simple models might outline a project’s basic 3D structure while more complex, detailed models may include aspects such as scaled down furniture, trees and people.

Duties of an Architectural Model Maker

The key responsibility of an Architectural Model Maker is to communicate a project’s specific design aspects, as specified by the Architect. Model Makers usually work both within a small team and be actively encouraged to engage with a project’s development through making.

Skills and Competencies

The ability to build high quality detailed scaled models is a prerequisite. This involves using workshop equipment such as spray paints, hot wire cutters and circular table saws. Therefore, the ability to use these tools safely and effectively is crucial. Model Makers must be able to communicate with confidence, and possess good problem solving and planning skills.

How much do Architectural Model Makers get paid in the UK?

The salary for Architectural Model Makers in the UK typically range from around £xxxx to £xxxxx per year, as indicated by our Salary Guide. Our architectural salary guide is designed to help ensure candidates are getting the right wage, and provides a handy overview of the average salaries for architectural professionals across the spectrum in the UK.

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Meet the team at HAUS Careers. An Architecture and Design recruitment agency in London, we are a team of ex-industry professionals with varied backgrounds and specialist knowledge in a multiplicity of sectors. At HAUS we love design and have a passion for great Architecture.

Our varied backgrounds and relevant experience allow for a deeper understanding of our industry. Our expert knowledge of Architecture, BIM, Landscape, Interior Design, Urban Design and Creative Support allows us to identify talented professionals and the best practices.

We work with London’s best practices and ensure our candidates are always placed in the right environment. We have a great relationship with both our clients and candidates for this exact reason. We are always looking for the most talented designers and professionals to ensure our industry’s future continues to grow.

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At HAUS we understand from experience that recruitment is more than just matching someone’s skillset to a job description.

We are always looking to launch professionals next step in the industry. That’s why we get to know our candidates. We welcome the opportunity to meet over a coffee, tea or beer (or all of the above) so we can get a stronger understanding of their career aspirations and match their specialist skills and experience to the right role.

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