Must-have tips for a fantastic phone interview

Must have tips for a fantastic phone interview

Must-have tips for a fantastic phone interview

Phone interviews are still very much a part of the recruitment process, and tips for a fantastic phone interview are still very much needed. Many designers, architects and interior designers apply for jobs via digital channels and interviewers can become overloaded with online applications. For this very reason, phone interviews are becoming more and more popular.

It is therefore important to make the most of your short but sweet phone interview and ensure you prepare with exactly the right information. Here’s our guide on how to do the best phone interview ever.

Prepare as much as you can

A phone interview is just that. An interview. Be aware that the interviewer will be critiquing you from the first word, so be sure to make a strong first impression. Make sure to research who you will be speaking to on the phone. If possible, Google this person and find out their involvement within the firm or their involvement within the industry. Try and get an image of this person – sometimes, having a mental image of who you’re speaking to will help. Remember, if you use LinkedIn it will show that you looked at their profile! Research the company so you have information on the practice and can be engaging from the first telephone second.

Dress to impress

Even though the interviewer can’t see you, it is still worth dressing for the job you want. Not only will it make you feel more professional, but it will subconsciously make you talk with more confidence. Whatever you do, don’t just roll out of bed and do the call in your pyjamas – Imagine if the interviewer suddenly decided they wanted to FaceTime you!

Take your time and be patient

Make sure you speak calmly, slowly and methodically during your telephone interview. If you have a strong accent, make sure the interviewer can fully understand you by ensuring you talk clearly. Give the interviewer enough time to explain the role and ask their questions, so then you can answer thoroughly. If you are a creative, architect or interior designer from abroad, then ensure you have learnt the technical terms and that you understand all the stages of the design process.

Make sure you’re in a quiet, calm place

Undertake your telephone interview in a place that is calm and quiet. Ensure the space doesn’t have any distractions and is also very quiet. Whatever you do, don’t take the interview in a coffee shop or on the street with traffic going past. You need time to listen, think and react to the interviewer’s phone questions. Maybe try taking the interview in a room with a closed door so you can think and speak clearly. One reason for this is that the interviewer may take distractions as for that you’re not interested in the job, especially if you are distracted and stumbling over your words.

Practice makes perfect

It’s the age-old classic; practice makes perfect! When it comes to a phone interview, we recommended doing a practice run-through interview with someone else, or even ask yourself questions and answer them out loud. Talking out loud will help you to hear how you sound and will help you to deliver strong answers to the interviewer’s questions. One tip may be to call a close friend or your partner and practice speaking on the phone – sometimes people don’t speak on the phone that often, so practising this will help with your confidence.

Send a note of thank you after the interview

Don’t be forgettable. They haven’t met you in person yet so it’s important they have a firm feeling of who you are. Once the phone interview is over, send the interviewer a quick note to say thank you for their time. Or, call your recruiter and ask them to pass on a message.

Be happy and cheerful

Have a positive outlook and it’ll come across in the interview – make sure you are

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