Navigating through the Sea of CV’s

Navigating through the Sea of CV’s

After a wobble, things are slowly starting to get back to normal again in our industry. Many studio managers will find while looking for the next member of staff they are inundated with 100’s of cv’s from direct applicants and agencies alike. Often the task of going through these applications can be extremely stressful and time consuming. This is a brief guide to make the process of Navigating through the Sea of CV’s and selecting selecting candidates for interview as easy and efficient as possible.

1. Know your brief.

Have a clear, defined outline of what the role will involve – what will the employees main deliverables be, how much will they be paid, what level and experience will they require. Use your recruitment consultant to help address any question marks here. Often the initial role laid out in the beginning may change after a studio reshuffle or an existing member of staff leave, causing delays in the search and costing the business valuable time and money. Where possible, try to think 2 steps ahead and consider what the responsibility’s of the position will be both initially and in the near future.

2. Be ruthless.

Often candidates applying directly to a job add may not even take the time to read the description in detail. Have a couple of points you can pick out immediately while scanning through – qualifications, software, even address will tell you immediately if they are a no.

3. Listen to your consultant.

We have a relationship with you, we’ve been to your studio, we’ve met your staff. It is your consultant’s job to understand you brand and your business model. Often, we act as matchmakers, meeting all our clients and candidates where possible in a bid to gain a deeper understanding of who will fit where. Occasionally we will meet a candidate that we feel is a tight fit for your studio, despite falling short on paper. In these cases its always worth having a direct chat with them and seeing for yourself.

4. Gather additional info.

Use the three mile system for portfolios and cv’s. The yes, the no and the maybe pale. Have a template ready to send out to your maybes. We will get the candidates to respond to your questions in a short video. This will clear up any uncertainties, give you a feel for the person in question, and allow you to split your maybe pile into the yes and no categories with minimum time spent.

5. Lightning strikes twice.

If you recently worked with an agency who have successfully placed with your practice more than once, the likelihood is they will be able to do it again. If you have found you click with a particular consultant who knows and understands what you want and need – stick to them like glue. These are the ones that will really prove an investment, sending you less CV’s of a higher quality. You will no doubt have a million and one things going on beyond this task, so outsource to you recruiter where possible and make them prove their worth.

If you have any questions or recommendations on the back of this Navigating through the Sea of CV’s article, we would love to hear from you!