Ross Grindley

Ross Grindley is Director of HAUS and has 13 years ex-designer experience in Architecture and worked as a professional designer for 9 years before recruitment. He has vast experience recruiting Architects, BIM Managers and BIM coordinators. He is a company advisor and has helped many firms grow to success. Call on 0203 800 1454

Rupert Staveley

Rupert has vast experience of Architectural and Interior Super Yacht design and a broad understanding of the design industry. He applies his knowledge and experience of successful design, to find the most talented designers and has a valuable understanding of what our clients want.
Call on 0203 800 1454

Claudia Johnson


Following graduating from the first Architecture cohort at Loughborough, and experience at Chapman Taylor, Claudia now uses her passions for people and quality design to headhunt top talent for London’s leading practices – from holistic design-led studios to world-renowned international practices.
Call on 0203 800 1454

Mariana BUTLER

Mariana brings a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Mariana excels in connecting candidates with roles aligning with their skills, project preferences, and desired working environments. Mariana is dedicated to shaping successful careers in the dynamic realm of Interior Design.
Call on 0203 800 1454

Lukasz Felski

Lukasz boasts a background as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant, having worked at practices in Bristol and Portsmouth, as well as engaging in self-employed architectural projects. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to his role at HAUS.
Call on 0203 800 1454

SAARA Chowdhury

Saara Chowdhury, our Interior Design Talent Recruitment Consultant at HAUS Careers, showcases her design passion beyond recruitment. From her background as an Interior and Spatial designer, Saara cultivates excellence, talent, and an unwavering passion for exceptional interior design.
Call on 0203 800 1454

Ben Woo

Ben brings a creative flair and diverse experience to his role as a Talent Recruitment Consultant. With a background in fashion textiles, he blends artistic vision with keen interpersonal skills, making him adept at connecting with talent in architecture. When he’s not cultivating careers, Ben can be found crafting beats as a music producer. Call on 0203 800 1454

Themis Pierson

Themis brings her sunny disposition to every endeavour. Since completing her Bachelor of Architecture she’s been charming chalets in the French Alps and delving into research interviews for The Times. Now, as a Talent Recruitment Consultant, she pairs her knowledge of Architecture, love for teamwork with her knack for multitasking. Call on 0203 800 1454

Who we are

Meet the team at HAUS Careers. An Architecture and Design recruitment agency in London, we are a team of ex-industry professionals with varied backgrounds and specialist knowledge in a multiplicity of sectors. At HAUS we love design and have a passion for great Architecture.

Our varied backgrounds and relevant experience allow for a deeper understanding of our industry. Our expert knowledge of Architecture, BIM, Landscape, Interior Design, Urban Design and Creative Support allows us to identify talented professionals and the best practices.

We work with London’s best practices and ensure our candidates are always placed in the right environment. We have a great relationship with both our clients and candidates for this exact reason. We are always looking for the most talented designers and professionals to ensure our industry’s future continues to grow.

How wE are different

At HAUS we understand from experience that recruitment is more than just matching someone’s skillset to a job description.

We are always looking to launch professionals next step in the industry. That’s why we get to know our candidates. We welcome the opportunity to meet over a coffee, tea or beer (or all of the above) so we can get a stronger understanding of their career aspirations and match their specialist skills and experience to the right role.

What our clients say about us

Highlights from our candidates

Openings on our team at HAUS

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At HAUS we like to think we are different, we believe in a better way of working and look after our team. Here are some of the benefits of working at HAUS:

  • 1 duvet day off per year
  • Team rewards, spontaneous team outings and a social atmosphere
  • Birthday celebration with nice treats
  • Employee perk scheme
  • Free gym memberships
  • Bike storage and showers
  • Refreshments including coffee, tea and fresh fruit