Equal Opportunities Policy for Architectural and Interior Design Recruitment


As a leading recruitment consultancy, we are committed to promoting and supporting equal opportunities in every aspect of our operations. This policy outlines our approach to ensuring all candidates are treated with fairness and respect, and it applies specifically to our recruitment practices, not as a guideline for internal use within firms.

Our Commitment

We are an inclusive organisation, proudly representing a diverse mix of talented architects and interior designers. Our team reflects a balance of genders, embraces diversity, and supports all members of the architectural and interior design community. Our commitment is to provide equal recruitment opportunities to all prospective candidates without discrimination.

Policy Objectives

Promoting Equal Opportunities in Architecture and Interior Design Recruitment.
Our objective is to ensure that all candidates, whether architects or interior designers, are given fair consideration for roles that match their skills and aspirations. We strive to operate transparently and uphold the highest professional standards as expected by HR managers in the UK.

Ensuring Fair Candidate Selection

In our role as a recruitment consultancy for architects and interior designers, we adopt rigorous, unbiased selection criteria based on professional merit and the specific requirements of the roles. This ensures all candidates are assessed equitably.

Frequently asked questions

What measures does your consultancy take to promote equal opportunities in recruitment for architects and interior designers?

We ensure all our recruitment practices for architects and interior designers are free from bias. This includes fair advertisement of positions, objective shortlisting, and consistent, non-discriminatory interviewing processes aligned with UK professional standards.

How does your equal opportunities policy benefit architectural and interior design firms?

By adhering to strict equal opportunities guidelines, we help architecture and interior design firms meet their diversity goals and enhance their team dynamics, which can lead to more innovative outcomes and a broader range of perspectives within their projects.

Can HR managers of architectural and interior design firms receive reports on your diversity practices?

While we focus on transparency and support in all our recruitment activities, we do not provide specific reports to client firms. Our role is to ensure that the recruitment process is inclusive and fair for all candidates applying to positions in architecture and interior design.

What steps do you take if a complaint regarding discrimination is made?

Any complaints related to discriminatory practices within our recruitment processes for architects and interior designers are taken very seriously. We conduct a thorough review and take appropriate actions to rectify the situation in accordance with UK professional standards.