What Designers MUST do before an Interview

What designers MUST do before an Interview

What Designers MUST do before an Interview

We are so surprised that designers don’t know what Designers MUST do before an Interview. Please! Research before the interview at Architecture & design studios. Chances are that if they have seen your portfolio they like your work. Now comes the interesting bit. Finding out what else they need and why they are meeting you. Architects, and all designers need to read the below to really make sure they get the role. What Designers MUST do before an Interview is listed below.

I have placed over 362 candidates in Architecture and design roles in London over the years and knows how to win in an interview. The biggest tip….I say is “Research, Research, and Research more”

Do you know who you are meeting?

If you walk into the interview and know them by name it shows initiative. It makes you stand out. If you can read their Linkedin, profile page on their website even better. The more you know the less likely you will be surprised. Did you go to the same university? Where did he grow up? What designs does he like? You don’t have to mention it but good to drop it in about yourself to make the connection.What team are they running? If they run the Airports team stands a chance they want you to work on Airport designs….. dig deep for info.

Do you know what job you applying for?

Get a good brief from your recruitment consultant and chat with them about the information that’s not on their job brief. Most Architecture firms cut and paste their job briefs so they can be vague and misleading.  What are the perks and quirks they love and hate?

The right job title?

Some companies have varied titles for the roles. Make sure you fit their title. One companies Associate is another companies Project Architect. Make sure you are on the level. It won’t alienate you and talk yourself out the role.

Don’t chat money at interview (unless they ask)

If they do… Make sure how much you said you wanted to in case, they ask you.

Show your best side…. Most Architects love design so will find chatting and negotiate in an interview an awkward experience. Leave it to the recruitment consultant or if they ask you. Show them you do it for the love and then you can earn and ask for the salary you want.

Are the interviewees’ decision makers or potential desk colleagues?

The decision maker will want to know you can work hard and well… the colleague will want to know you can get along and sit alongside each other.

Read the NEWS page for goodness sake…. Easy hit.

Most Architecture firms have a news page or blog. Read it and see what project they have recently won! They might not even know about it and it’ll show you to be keen and on it. Also, maybe you have a skill they didn’t know about that relates to this project…. Maybe they have a football or netball team and you are semi-pro. All the small details count.

Do you know anyone at the company? Friends or ex-colleagues… winner.

Architecture and design is a small world and filled with great people. If you know someone in the office let them know… (as long as it’s not your ex!) Yes, we have had that and it didn’t end well.

Use your recruitment consultant… we know what we are talking about. We’ve been there.

At HAUS we are all ex-designers. We know these companies inside out. Sometimes we find people don’t listen to our advice as they know best. We have years of experience and given time could even guess your career path by your sector you working in and the options you have. Sounds crazy but we have mapped out Architecture! Read on to find out more…

Know what they do?

So, you’re an Architect or designer… you design X…. but do you know what else they do… You should know. Check their projects link.

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