How to ace a second design interview

How to ace a second design interview

How to ace a second design interview

You scored a 2nd interview – that’s already an achievement, kudos! Now, how to ace a Second design interview? How to land that dream design job!


  1. Research if it’s the same people from the first interview?


If it’s the same people then add more but don’t change it too much. Research more and remember what they suggested in the first interview. If it’s a Director then make sure you know about him as He / She will have an ego that needs boosting. If you know about their past, projects and awards they will respect your research.


  1. Is it a personality test this time?


At this stage, you will probably be meeting a Director or senior associate to see how you fit into their culture….sooo.  Research their culture, likes, dislikes and make sure you get along on a personal level. Be human.


  1. Prepare a salary amount


Prepare for them to ask about money. Have an accepting salary in mind before you go in.


  1. Almost there…. soo


Realise that a second interview is common in Architecture and design but most companies do second interviews to reaffirm that you are perfect for the role. Don’t be too casual and don’t give them a chance to say no. Be great!

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