7 Tips for a successful designers first day

7 Tips for a successful designers first day


Be yourself. It’s the reason they hired you :) !  7 Tips for a successful designers first day are a range of simple pointers to help you make a mark on your first day and stand out from the crowd. People judge you from how you start on your first day so it’s a good idea to plan and make sure you are successful from the start. This is for Architects, interior designers, and all people working designers. HAUS is all ex-designers who know our beans and can help you find the ideal role in London. As a London Design and architectural recruitment agency, we have access to the best jobs in London and also work with the worlds best Interior designers.


  1. Let them eat cake!

    We’ve found that a great impression is to take some treats – if it’s homemade that’s even better! It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the team and they’ll remember that forever.


  1. Set your alarm

    Remember what time you were meant to start! If you’re commuting and don’t want to be late – maybe test the journey before you start. It will save that embarrassing late star and get you off on the right foot.


  1. Dress to impress…or not.

    When it comes to what you wear to a new job, it’s best to feel comfortable. You’ll immediately feel at ease and fit in and it’ll help you fit in with the vibe of the office


  1. Ask questions!

    Is there anything anyone needs? There will be inductions so you might need to have your passport, bank details, and everything to make sure you’re prepared for your new role.


  1. Be positive.

    Be nice to everyone and don’t get involved in the gossip….too soon. Normally the person who speaks to you most on the first day is also the office gossip!


  1. And breathe…so you’ve made it to the office. If you are nervous beforehand – make sure you get there early, have a look around and grab a coffee.


  1. Be amazing.Good luck :) 

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