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Should I Stay In My Job, Or Should I Go?

Is it time for a new job?

The age-old question; should I stay, or should I go? Change can be daunting and familiarity comforting, but staying in your job for too long can work against you. When you stay in a role for too long you can get complacent and even lazy… but what are the benefits to moving to a new job or staying in a current role? Find out more below.

Why staying in a role could damage your career

When you find yourself in a job for a long period of time, you’re doing the same thing day in day out. It means that you’re no longer learning – you’re simply getting stale. The modern-day work environment, especially within the creative industries, is all about keeping up with the current technologies, processes and lifestyle choices. If you’re stuck in the same old routine and working with the same processes, you’re in danger of becoming outdated and irrelevant. You don’t want to get left behind, do you?

Why moving jobs will benefit your design career

New jobs offer new opportunities, career progression, promotions, maybe an increase in salary and a greater portfolio. Moving to a new architecture or design practice will mean you are working on new exciting projects. It will remind you why you got into architecture, interior design or the creative industries in the first place!

It will also give you chance to learn new things and apply everything you have learned to a new role and new practice, making you feel more confident and motivated. Moving jobs will certainly benefit your career, but it may also benefit your work/life balance and your well-being. Many design practices offer great benefits, such as flexi-time, bonuses and holiday allowance, making it easier to achieve a strong work/life balance.

So, when is the best time to leave my job?

Moving from job to job in a matter of months isn’t a good idea – and no good recruitment consultant would suggest it. Although, sometimes that can’t be helped – because the nature of the architectural industry isn’t like most jobs, and you’re often working on short projects, especially if you are a contractor.

By staying in a job for a minimum of two years, you will be able to get two or three really good strong projects under your belt. This length of time shows loyalty, but also that you are driven and interested in the next step in your career. In the long run, it’ll make you more employable.

So why is it bad if I stay more than five years in a job?

If you stay in a company a long time, you’re in danger of losing your skills, technical ability and originality. There is a chance it may also make you look less ambitious, and you could become stagnant. It may even mean you get overlooked for a promotion as you become part of the furniture in the office.

Some companies reward loyalty but if you want to increase your salary – as well as technical ability and portfolio – you should try and move jobs after five years. Ultimately, if you are an Architect or Interior Designer, looking for a new role, then consider ‘should I stay or should I go.’ Whatever your decision, we’re here to help guide you through your design career.

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